Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sick of sick

My poor kids keep getting sick. and what's worse is that Hubby isn't here to help out. So that means I am missing all kinds of work. It sounds selfish, but it has a spiraling effect. Since I have missed work due to the kids being sick, I have to play catch up. In the mean time I need to take time off to take care of moving chores that need to be done. But I can't take time off because I have missed too much work. I really wish I could just quit right now and be done with it and take care of the kids and moving. But of course I can't do that as it would put my co-workers in a huge bind (we are so so so busy in mortgage world)- and it would ruin any chances of my returning when I get back (hopefully) to the great Northwest.
Brother was sick today and called me from school crying. I left work early, but not early enough, poor guy. I hope he doesn't have an ear infection. I keep apologizing to my supervisor for missing work, but she totally understands I have no options as I have no other family to help. We'll see if tomorrow is another sick day. I hope not, Sonny needs to feel better- he was miserable today.

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